Shaun + Rachel | Maternity Session | Oklahoma City, OK

Do you remember Nana in Peter Pan? The Darling children’s nanny? Let me tell you something – she’s got nothing on Shaun and Rachel’s dog-ter (you know, dog daughter), Daphne. Shaun and Rachel brought her along for their maternity session, and she is just adorable. You can tell how proud she is to become a big sister. She got her close-up first thing during the session. Then, she lived her best life wandering around the field! She did reappear a time or two, but if I’m being honest, I don’t think my camera and me ranked high on her priorities. New smells and sights to see? That was where the action was!

While Daphne explored, I had SO MUCH FUN with Shaun and Rachel. First of all, Shaun adores Rachel. ADORES. It made me melt. He told her over and over again how beautiful she looked. (Spot on) He picked out her dress. (While we’re on the topic, slits should be STANDARD in maternity dresses. LOVE. IT.) And as they left, they were planning a nice dinner date so he could show her off! Ladies, find you a man that treats you the way Shaun treats Rachel. Second, they were like giddy high schoolers together. So much laughter and joy from both of them. You can tell what great parents they are going to be by what a great team they were for something as simple as a photo shoot. I am excited for their new addition. Their baby will get to see first hand what real-life love looks like!

Shaun and Rachel had their session in a field that I have been eyeing for over a year for a shoot, and it was the bees knees to finally shoot there. Even though Oklahoma doesn’t always have a plethora of wildflowers, we even got a nice coating of purple “flowers” (honestly, probably weeds but still pretty). The flowers added in just the right amount of color in the green! The pictures in the flowers may be my favorite from their session. But if I’m being truthful, I don’t really have favorites. They’re all so perfect!

  1. Kathy Hittle says:

    Oh these are just simply beautiful and you are so right about Shaun but then I might be a little partial as I am his mother!! Rachel is so deserving of all of Shaun’s affection as we think she is pretty awesome! What beautiful pictures you captured a d we can’t wait to meet our precious baby girl!! 💕💕💕💕

  2. Kathy says:

    How beautiful these pictures are and such s touching article! I love everything but then again I might be s bit partial as Shaun is my son!😉😍

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