Kirsten | Senior Portrait Session| University of Central Oklahoma | Oklahoma City, OK

What in the world is going on? My baby sister is graduating college in 5 days. How is that even possible? Today she took her last final! On Saturday she will walk across the stage to accept her nursing degree and then her nurse’s pin. It’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around it!

If I’m being honest, Kirsten wasn’t one of my favorite people growing up. Maybe I was jealous because she was the baby of the family? Who knows. But what I DO know is that she is one of my closest friends now. Somewhere along the way I realized that she was a lot more fun than I used to think. Which is good because according to nearly everyone we meet, we look like twins. It would be a little awkward to not like the sister that looks the most like me. 😆 People have had full-on conversations with her thinking she was me. Normally I don’t really see the resemblance, but I deeefinitely see it in these pictures. Really bizarre!

Kirsten is probably the most level-headed of the all of the sisters (there are 4 of us!). Maybe it’s because she had 3 older sisters to learn from to see how NOT to do things. She’s way more mature than I was at her age. She’s worked in her chosen profession throughout nursing school to make sure she gets as much experience as possible, all while maintaining exceptional grades and somehow a semblance of a social life. To say our family is proud is an understatement. She’s an incredible daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. And I’m so thankful we have another nurse in the family for me to call and ask stupid medical questions after watching all of my guilty pleasure medical dramas.

We took her senior pictures in Downtown OKC on what was probably the windiest day in history. BUT we made it work and I love how they turned out! Here are some of my favorites from her gallery.

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