Kyle + Drew | The Traveling Dress | San Antonio, TX

I have a secret. Well, not really a secret. But I’ve been holding onto some pictures especially for today. Why? Today, two of our favorite people on the planet are getting married. I took these pictures of them a couple of months ago as part of my traveling dress series, and it was an engagement shoot of sorts. Almost even pre-wedding pictures! I don’t shoot couples too often, but it meant the world to me that they said yes when I asked if they’d be a part of my series!

Kyle and Drew are the sweetest couple. The sweetest people. You just feel good being around them. Kyle has been one of my husband’s best friends for a long time. Like, not too far off from twenty years. They have a core group of life-long friends I like to call “the wolf pack.” I got to marry into the wolf pack, and it’s like our own little family. I remember when I first heard the rumblings of Kyle dating this new girl. I’m not going to lie – I was a little skeptical. You can’t just let anyone into the wolf pack!

But then I saw Kyle talk about her for the first time. His whole demeanor changed. He was smiling one of the brightest, most genuine smiles I’ve ever seen on anyone, and I knew there must be something special about Drew. And is there ever! She is sweet and kind and hilarious. You feel like you’ve known her your whole life the first time you meet her. I am so excited to celebrate their love this weekend and to finally share these special pictures with the world! Drew looks absolutely breath-taking in this dress. I can’t wait to see her in THE dress tonight.

Kyle and Drew, we love you both! Cheers to your best life together!

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